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Supporting Affiliates Dues

Thank you for your interest in a supporting membership.  Supporting memberships give NSPA affiliate members a way to gain more exposure for products and services among scholarship providers and institutions, as well as a way to contribute to the enhancement and development of member benefits. If your entity is interested in this expanded membership to support the NSPA and the scholarship sector, three levels are available that include additional benefits. 

Please click here to view benefits for the following supporting memberships: 

Bronze Supporting Institution – Annual Dues: $2,200

Silver Supporting Institution – Annual Dues: $3,000

Gold Supporting Institution – Annual Dues: $5,000

Please note that supporting memberships can be customized to each member’s budget and marketing needs. 

Conditions to Affiliate and Supporting Affiliate Memberships

1. If an entity is invited to join the NSPA an Affiliate membership category at any level and the entity provides scholarships without meaningful criteria, or those that are randomly awarded through sweepstakes or by lottery, these scholarships will not be permitted to be shared with the NSPA membership through the Broadcast E-mail Service (an NSPA standard benefit described X) or through other NSPA communications. Further, entity websites that market such scholarships will not be permitted to utilize the NSPA logo or name on the specific page in which such scholarships are listed or mentioned.

2. Entities that share students’ information with third parties will be asked to provide documentation of their current privacy policy, including language presented to student(s) to opt-in or opt-out of the selling or sharing of their student data as well as verification of internal controls ensuring that information is only shared with the express permission of the student(s) and for the express purposes of assisting the student(s) in accessing information about potential scholarships for which he/she may be eligible, as well as evidence of compliance with any data privacy and security laws applicable to the students’ information. Entities that sell students’ data or share it for the purposes of allowing third parties to offer goods and services for sale to student(s) and do not have clearly articulated and visible language for students to affirmatively opt-in or opt-out of the selling or sharing of their student data and/or those entities that do not have the verifiable internal controls designed in the best interest of students’ privacy and ensure that information is only shared with the express permission of student(s) are not eligible for membership in the NSPA.

3. Affiliate members may inform other NSPA members about the existence of their products or services through the Broadcast E-mail Service or through the member contact information. However, no solicitation of new customers for such products or services is permitted (although invited, personal communications and one promotional webinar as part of the Platinum Affiliate Supporting Membership are allowed)). Affiliate members that exhibit at NSPA annual conferences may send announcements to conference attendees via US or Canadian mail services based on an advance list of NSPA conference attendees provided by the NSPA. There may be a charge for the advance list of NSPA conference attendees.


Thank you to the following organizations for their generous support!

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