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Member Types and Dues


Membership in the National Scholarship Providers Association (NSPA) is open to organizations, colleges and universities, and individuals who are active in the scholarship provider community, seek to foster a positive association within this community, support and contribute to the NSPA goals, maintain their membership in good standing, and uphold the responsibilities and integrity of the Association without conflict of interest. 

Each member must designate one individual to serve as the voting member. The designated voting individual may be changed by the organization or program at any time upon notice to the NSPA.  

Standard Memberships

NSPA members fall into the following three types of membership:

Scholarship Providers 

Annual Dues: $200 - $1,100

This membership type is granted to two kinds of scholarship providers. Scholarships must be awarded based on identified and meaningful criteria.

Scholarship Provider I: An organization or individual that awards scholarships as one if its principle purposes. This category can include organizations that are also grant makers. Typical entities that fall into this category include non-profit organizations such as private, corporate, and college or university foundations, community foundations or other public charities.

Scholarship Provider II: An entity that awards scholarships as one of its key activities, but conducts other business as its principle purpose. Typical entities that fall into this category include corporations or professional and/or associations that reward their employees or work to incent students to pursue a particular career field, issue-based organizations, banks, statewide higher education networks or commissions, school districts, student membership organizations (if a reasonable fee is charged, these organizations must offer in exchange demonstrable benefits in the best interest of their student members), and other entities that offer scholarships for higher education.


Annual Dues: $330

This membership type is granted to a two- or four-year, public or private college or university accredited by an educational accrediting agency. Member institutions must grant diplomas or degrees.  Please note that college foundations fall under Scholarship Provider memberships.


Annual Dues: $1,200

An Affiliate Membership is granted to a business (not-for-profit or for-profit) which is engaged in a field related to scholarships or higher education. Affiliate members may or may not award scholarships as one component of their business. These national, regional, or online entities may provide resources to students and families in the areas of scholarship directories or matching services, college preparation and success tools, and other higher education financing options such as student loans. Entities in this category may also provide service related resources for scholarship providers such as software, scholarship administration development, and research and/or evaluation services. Typical Affiliate members may include free scholarship listing and/or matching services, student loan providers, college recruiting or admissions related services, businesses that offer online scholarship applications, scholarship administrative services, and proprietary software. 

Supporting Memberships

NSPA also offer supporting level memberships.  Supporting Memberships give NSPA members a way to contribute to the enhancement and development of benefits. If your organization is interested in this type of expanded membership to support the NSPA and the scholarship sector, the following two types are available that include additional benefits:

Supporting Scholarship Provider

Supporting Institution

Supporting Affiliate

Supporting memberships can be customized to each member’s budget and communication needs. For example, along with annual dues, you can include scholarships for NSPA memberships and/or conference registrations. The scholarships would be available to public charities or public institutions with financial need. This supports scholarship giving at its best and the NSPA by involving more scholarship professionals. 

A grant-in-lieu of membership dues is also an option. For example, along with annual dues, include an unrestricted grant for the NSPA to build capacity and enhance its support to scholarship providers.

Annual conference sponsorships are also available.  Please click here for more information.

Member Dues

For member dues specific to your organization type please click on one of the membership types above.

Questions? Contact Maggie Brubaker, Membership and Programs Manager at 303-442-2524.

Membership Policy

View the membership policy here.

Thank you to the following organizations for their generous support!

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